Art Commissions

Like my work and considering commissioning some work for yourself or as a gift?

If you have an idea for an Artwork but are unsure if my particular style is suitable please feel free to have a conversation with me about your ideas. I am always up for experimenting and trying something new, looking for a new challenge. However, I will be honest with you as to whether is it possible for me to create an artwork that is based on your ideas.

If I think it is not within my skill set I have a vast network of Artists, and I am sure If I am unable to work with you then I can put in touch with someone who would be able to create what you are looking for.

How does the commission process work?

We will have a discussion based on your ideas and what it is that you would like, for example, a watercolour painting of a specific bird, a detailed pencil drawing of something precious, or an oil painting for a memorable occasion, I am proficient working in a wide range of materials, drawing, sketching and painting, but I also enjoy working with Clay. Our conversation will produce ideas and possibilities which we will discuss to make sure I have a full understanding of your needs and that the work will be going in the right direction.

Following on from this discussion I usually go away and make notes and also lots of sketches, and concept designs flowing through the possibilities and ideas.
At this stage I will give you an idea of how long it will take to create your Artwork, this again is dependent on Schedule, chosen materials and subject matter. Flexibility may be required as different materials have different drying times.

Depending on what it is you would like created I may send you a concept design of the composition of how your final Artwork will look. It should be understood that this stage that this just an idea of how it will look as this may change due to the creative process.

The final Artwork may be subject to change and may not look like the original concept design. The concept design is an indication or suggestion of how the final Artwork will look.
Aspects of the final painting may change due to a number of reasons: how colourings work together, the composition of the painting may work differently once the paint starts going on the paper/ canvas. The mood of the artwork may also change throughout the process and may need readjusting.

Throughout the creative process, I am happy to send you updates and if you would like, photos of the development as it goes along. Please note that sometimes photos throughout the process can give a misleading impression of how the final Artwork will look, so some people like to wait until they see the finished Artwork.

Once the final Artwork is finished, depending on your preference I will either invite you to the studio to view it, or I will send you photos.
If you are happy the project is then signed off and once the final payment is received you are able to either collect the Artwork from the studio, or I will arrange to have the Artwork shipped to you via one of the reliable Couriers that I use.

If there are aspects of the Artwork you are unhappy with once you are looking at the completed Artwork, please tell me. This is your artwork and you have to be happy with it as you will be the one looking at it. I will do my best to do what I can to amend the Artwork so you are happy.

You have a 7 day period after receiving the Artwork in which to hang the work and enjoy it. Should you find that you are unhappy, I can offer a refund minus the 50% Non-refundable deposit.

Depending on the client’s specific requirements I will supply a quote for the commissioned artwork.
This will be based on Materials, and time spent conceptualizing and creating concept designs and creating the final Artwork.

Before the creation process can begin I will require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% from the client. This will cover the cost of materials used.

Should you decide the concept sketches are not to your liking and no longer wish to carry on with the project, no further fees will be required, and I will retain the 50% deposit.

Should you choose to go ahead with the Commission the remaining 50% will be required on completion of the Artwork and sign off on approval.

Should a frame be required, approval of the style of frame will be required once the Artwork is completed.
An Image will be sent of the final Artwork prior to shipping for confirmation of finalising the project, or you will be invited to see the Artwork at my studio.
Final Payment is due prior to shipping or on collection.

Shipping or Collection
Shipping fees are dependent on delivery location and are not included in the original quote and are only confirmed at the end of the project. The shipping fees are subject to the clients own requirements. And also include all packaging materials.
I prefer to use a specific Courier who is experienced in shipping Artworks.
Alternatively, you are welcome to collect from the studio with a prior appointment – select your own courier at your own risk.

Refund policy
I like all of my clients to be happy with their Artworks. The vast majority of people are happy but there has been the very odd occasion where the client is not happy but I suggest that they take them home and live with them for a week. If at that time they are still not happy I am happy to offer a refund (Minus the non-refundable deposit).

As stated previously you have a 7 day period after receiving the Artwork to raise any problems that you may have with the Artwork.
Should you find that you are unhappy with your Artwork please have a discussion with me and I will do what I can to change what it is you are unhappy with. If I am able, I will make a reasonable amount of changes in a specified amount of time.

If you find that you are still unhappy I will offer you a refund minus the 50% Non-refundable deposit.

* * * *

Thank you for considering me for this Commission and I look forward to working with you.


If you prefer to download and print my Price Guide or Terms you can do so below:

Price Guide PDF (approx 3mb)

Terms & Conditions PDF (approx 3mb)

The files usually open in your web browser (don’t forget to click the save icon to keep a copy 🙂 )