About Liisa Clark

“I’ve been a visual artist for as long as I can remember. It’s all I ever wanted to do. To take that image or idea that is emblazoned on my mind and transfer it on to something tangible. To allow that image to become something else to someone else. To allow their translation of the work to become something of its own”

My name is Liisa Clark and I live in Milton Keynes where I have lived for most of my life. I share my home with my Partner (A Web Designer/ Designer/ Writer), my 10-year-old son and our 2 amazing Huskies. I Spent 9 years as an Art Consultant working with primarily with the Corporate Sector on projects including Art leasing, creating Sculptural Business awards, Branding, funding applications, advising on delivering Artistic projects, sourcing Artists for specific projects, providing creative/ artistic workshops for all age ranges from 4 – 94 and have on occasion worked as an Agent on behalf of other Artists, The list could go on.

But when the recession hit, it gave me an opportunity to go back to the studio and focus on my own practice. This has been on a journey of evolution (Which is probably very apparent when you look through the images of my work).

I started out as a figurative Artist working with the human form and creating very detailed paintings and drawings, but over time I found myself getting weighed down with the detail and perfection of the work, and as such chose to step away from figurative work completely.

I put down the small brushes and picked up pallet knives and big fat brushes. I embraced Abstract work that was more Abstract Impressionist Expressionism (I’m not being pretentious-honestly!)

I started out creating works that were big juicy decorative, brightly coloured, and very heavy in texture. The inspiration from these pieces came from the magic that happened when you mixed the paint on the pallet.

My work became an experiment of texture and colour, with me mixing the heavily textured paint directly onto the canvas, sometimes bypassing the pallet completely. I loved to see how colours complimented each other or didn’t. I played with different textures and how different mediums and paints would create different effects.

Over time I realised that my practice didn’t challenge me, I missed creating work with imagery so I took a life drawing course to reacquaint myself with working figuratively. This re-ignited my passion for the human body, with all its curves and angles, tones and shapes. I began Experimenting with all sorts of materials Pastels, pencils, paint, paper, photography, Digital Design, which allowed me to become free-er with my expression. I spent time watching dancers undertaking new choreography and athlete’s practising for new sporting challenges, and I began to create a body of work with the aim of creating Life size works and larger.

My studio at the time was part of an Organisation that shared its space out amongst Artists of all Genres. As such my work very quickly became very heavily influenced by the challenges dancers and sportsmen face when undertaking new challenges, pushing their bodies into new realms, the conversation between the thinking mind and muscle memory. I spent time watching dancers undertaking new choreography and athlete’s practising for new sporting challenges.

Unfortunately, due to the Landlord of our building giving all of the Artists very short Notice to Vacate, I had to move studios. I moved to an amazing new Studio with Stunning scenery, but due to the size of the studio I had to reduce the scale of my work, which also affected my influences, and as such my work took a new whole new direction.

For a very long time, I had been creating work either for commission or with a specific audience in mind, rather than creating works that I enjoyed creating and also looking at, I didn’t create works that challenged me and allowed me to develop in my practice.
Throughout all of my life, I have spent a great deal of time outdoors and in the countryside. I spend a lot of time seeking out places of natural beauty and creation, places where wildlife flourishes.
I am very fortunate to live in Milton Keynes which is not only surrounded by fields, and woods, it also has so many natural parks and places of stunning beauty. I have 2 huskies which require a lot of exercise so we get to utilize all of these spaces and beyond.

When you spend time in Milton Keynes what you will notice of the MK Skyline is an abundance of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, Jackdaws and other Corvids. They are the watchers of this fair city, observing from the numerous Lamp posts and trees. I have always admired their beauty. How at first glance these regal intelligent birds appear to be black, or black and white, but on closer inspection, they contain a myriad of colours. Petrol blues and greens, purples and violets. Aside from their regal beauty, they are extremely intelligent, and much more self-aware than other birds, and are more in touch with the world they live in. Unfortunately, though Corvids are much maligned. Being deemed Harbingers of death, or deliverers of portents of doom. Unfortunately, over time, the church has done much to help these perceptions.

There is an abundance of mythology surrounding them, from being connected to Norse mythology with Odin having Hugin and Munin (Thought and memory) as his familiars, to the Native Americans Tribes taking on the attributes of the birds, and naming tribes after them. There are so many different variations on the story of the black winged Birds.
Through my Art, I want to try and demystify these rather negative connotations, and show how beautiful they can be.

I am currently working on a bodywork inspired by a vast array of Birds, and other nature-inspired works. Everywhere I go at the moment I carry a sketchbook with, noting down ideas and inspirations. I have so many ideas that I want to experiment with a vast array of materials to depict these ideas.

I currently sell the vast majority of my work via Commission from recommendation or from my Website or any of my social media pages. As I regularly update them with completed work. I am planning on selling via Shows, and events so please keep checking my events page regularly, or if you have something specific in mind please contact me. Visitors are welcome at my studio with a prior appointment. So please check back Regularly and follow my creative Journey.