“The main focus of my work is natural forms, using a play on texture light and colour. I work in a number of ways using a range of materials that best translate what I want to convey. I work in both the detailed and the abstract depending on the focus of that particular body of work, working predominantly on drawing and painting.”

I feel that the world we live in today is losing its relationship with Nature and the outdoors. That relationship allowed us as people to remain grounded, to have compassion and sensitivity. There is too much focus at this time on Tablets, phones, and technology. Human beings are losing their connection with the world we live in.

Through my work, I would like to remind people to step back from technology, take a step outside, breathe the air, and see with fresh eyes. To step away from the bombardment of the turmoil of the world we live in today and be reminded of a simpler world, see nature, and appreciate the creatures we share the world with.

My current focus is working with Corvids, such as Crows, Magpies, Ravens, Jackdaws, and many connected things. These creatures are much maligned, believed to be harbingers of doom and gloom. There is much Mythology written about them, which I will explore whilst also focusing on the beauty of these birds, giving the viewer a different perspective.

Through my work focusing on the Corvid family, I have found myself creating a body of work based solely on feathers in all their shapes and variations. The feathers seem to represent many things to many people, for example, nature in all its splendour, the passing of a loved one, a Guardian Angel, a beautiful piece of art, inspiration for oneself. They seem to say something different to different people.