Collection of Limited Edition Giclee Prints by Liisa Clark

What Are Limited Edition Giclee Prints?

Liisa Clark has reproduced a limited Range of her Original Artworks (These include both Drawings and Paintings) as Limited Edition Giclee Prints.

Each Original Artwork is reproduced by an award-winning company studio, which is a Multi Award-winning Art Print Studio that works primarily with Artists.

Liisa Choose to use Giclee Printing to reproduce her work, rather than bog-standard printing, as this uses a higher range of lightfast, pigmented based inks. This uses the method of Dropping the ink onto the paper allowing them to use High-quality Textured papers to recreate the Artwork as closely as is possible. In most cases, the Giclee Prints are printed onto the exact same paper that the artworks were originally created on.

The ink used is archival quality and tests show colours will last 100 years and, in some cases, longer.

Any Hand-embellished Giclee Prints are Highlighted as such, making them truly unique.

The Quality of the Printing is so high that Liisa Clark has unfortunately previously sold Original Artwork, thinking they were Limited Edition Prints.

There is a limited number of each Artwork printed. Each one is signed and Numbered by Liisa Clark.
When the Prints reach the end of their numbered Run, they will cease to be produced.