The Corvid Portraits in Pastel on Sanded Pastel Paper by Liisa Clark


Liisa Clark At Spring Mk Handmade and Vintage Fayre

March 2023

Thankyou to everyone who came to the Spring MK Handmade and Vintage Fayre.
I always love to see everyone and have all of our wonderful conversations. I always take away with me the many personal stories you share that leave us either laughing our heads off or swallowing the tears.
So many of you took some of my Art home with you and it always leaves me so very humbled that you all have a little bit of my Art in your homes, or that you give them as gifts to people you care about.
So thankyou all again.
My next event isn’t until September 2023 (I may find some in the mean time) so in the meantime keep an eye on my website and social media for New Artworks being uploaded to my shop!
All the best
Liisa x
If you have any questiopns feel free to contact me
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