Single Fly Agaric Shroom Painting On Miniature Canvas by Liisa Clark


Limited Availability

Mini Fly Agaric Toadstool Shroom Painting by Liisa Clark

This is a enchanting painting of a Fly Agaric painting on Mini Canvas, created with Brioght colours and set on a Black Background, perfect to add to your Art Collection.

Each Mini painting is Hand painted using Acrylic paint  on a miniature canvas and then hand-varnished with a smooth Satin finish for added Protection.

You can display each painting in your Knick Knack Display/ Antique Print Trays, on a Mini Easel, or even on your Wall (There is a Tiny hook on the back of each Miniature painting so you can hang each collectible up if you wish!) and will make a fantastic addition to your collection

Each Miniature painting comes wrapped in its own Gift box  with a Miniature Black easel just for you.

Signed by Liisa Clark on the side of the painting

Ready to Hang.

Size : 70 X 90mm

Usually dispatched within 1-3 working days