‘What is this?’ Limited Edition Giclee Print with White Mount and Black Frame by Liisa Clark


Limited Availability

‘What is this’ By Liisa Clark

‘What is this? ‘is a Limited Edition Reproduction of a beautiful Original pastel artwork created on Sanded Pastel Paper by Liisa Clark.

This artwork depicts a Crow Pecking away at something between his feet whilst standing on a mossy log. It’s a celebration of the Crow’s Curiosity and unwillingness to give up until it has solved the problem. The Inspiration Came from watching Crows in my Garden and how they would exam things with their beaks and feet!

This Artwork is  Supplied in a Double WHITE Mount and a stunning Contemporary Black Frame making it READY TO HANG

The Frame size is: 300 x 400mm and is personally Signed and Numbered by Liisa Clark

**Easel is for display purposes only and not supplied with this sale**